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How do I get started?

How do I start investing my money? You have 3 options for starting your road to financial confidence. 

1. Do it yourself 
2. Hire someone to help you do it 
3. Hire someone to do it all for you

1. Do it yourself

Get educated and manage your own finances.
Educate yourself in the following areas to make suitable decisions for your future financial plan. Conduct the 9 suitability and critical fiduciary steps below for yourself

1. What is my Investment Personality?
2. Suitability and Objectives (Risk Tolerance)
3. Capital Needs Analysis (Insurance needs)
4. Account Types/Registrations (IRA vs ROTH vs 401(k), etc...)
5. Investment Vehicles (Stocks vs Bonds vs Mutual Funds, etc...)
6. Investment Strategies (Buy/Hold vs Passive vs Active, etc...)
7. My Financial Plan vs My Retirement Income Plan
8. Estate and Tax Planning
9. Are my money and investments Safe?
(cost: your time, account maintenance fees, trading fees and other applicable custodial account fees)

2. Hire someone to help you do it yourself

Too busy for the 9 steps above? You still want to do it yourself?
We will conduct due diligence on the above 9 steps for you and provide you with a detailed financial plan. You manage your own accounts and meet with us as needed to review performance and update recommendations of your portfolio. We will look at past, current, and near future market conditions. There will be time spent answering your questions and educating you about your investment decisions.

(cost: since each plan is customized you can choose based on your needs, hourly and flat fee rates* are available. You will also be responsible for account maintenance fees, trading fees and other applicable custodial account fees.)

3. Hire someone to do it all for you

This full customized plan takes care of everything.

We do it all for you. The management and/or supervision of your portfolio is closely analyzed each quarter. You will receive monthly or quarterly account statements, an annual personalized financial plan and investment profile statement. You will have the opportunity to meet with us quarterly, or more often as necessary, to review the performance of your portfolio compared to benchmarks and universes that make up your portfolio. Recommendations will be made quarterly based on rankings within equal investment vehicle peer groups that are appropriate for your portfolio. I will recommend a selection of different investment strategies offered that are suitable for you. All other account document preparation and delivery will be done by our office. 

(cost: 0.5% - 3% annually of assets under management*. You will be responsible for account maintenance fees, custodial service fees, and other applicable custodial account fees.)

Please contact Doleman Wealth Management, LLC, for more details.

*For a complete schedule of fees and services refer to the Portside Wealth Group, LLC CRS and Firm Brochure. and Concorde Investment Services, LLC CRS.  Additional information about Portside Wealth Group, LLC is also available on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s website at

*please see below for additional important disclosure

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