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My Investment Personality

What is My Investment Personality?

It is important to look at your investment personality and how it may affect your investment choices from a risk and knowledge standpoint, as well as from an emotional standpoint.

Do I want to leave a legacy or spend it all now?
Estate planning can help lead you during this decision making process.

Do I dream of using my excess wealth to help others?
Do you know all of the available options to you for charitable giving?

Do I desire the opportunity to give back?
What plans and programs are out there which allow you to give back to communities and resources?

How risky is your investment personality?
Many times individual investors have a much riskier personality than their suitability allows for, or vice versa, you may tolerate more risk than you anticipate.

Am I reactionary over news stories?
Do you make investment decisions based on the most recent news stories you are reading or watching?
Do I pay attention to the source of newsworthy reported events?
The news channels you watch and the articles you read should be considered carefully.  Many are slanted towards a certain set of beliefs or are more aimed for the drama instead of the truth. 

Do I fact check the "rumor" e-mails I receive?  
Many investors do not take the time to educate themselves and just believe whatever they read.

Am I an impulse buyer? Do you consider each purchase carefully and research the prices and reviews, or do you often see something and just buy it?  Many times, marketing campaigns focus on the impulse buyer.  

Do I have a written budget or plan?
-Do you live paycheck-to-paycheck or do you have plenty to splurge?
-Can you track everything you spend and invest?, or
-Do you just assume you will always have enough money and so there is no need to keep track?
-Perhaps you are too busy and don't know how to make a plan.
Do I believe the stock market is a science?
Do you think you can predict the movement of the stock market based
on current events, patterns, and looking back at history?  Always
remember past performance is never indicative of future results.

Do I enjoy high risk?
It is important to consider all investment decisions carefully.  They should match your risk level, goals, objectives, and suitability. 

Does your investment personality interfere with your financial future? Educating yourself and seeking professional advice is the first step towards making sure you are making wise investment decisions that will help lead to a successful financial future.

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