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How do I transfer my current investments?

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Should I transfer my current accounts?

You may have just one investment account or several.

Perhaps you have retirement plan(s) still sitting at your old place of employment.

Maybe you are nearing retirement and don't know what to do with your current retirement plan after you retire.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the paperwork involved, all the rules, and how and where to transfer your accounts?

Determining your Suitability is the first step

Once your investment risk, goals, and objectives have been determined, a suitability determination can be made, and an asset allocation profile designed to help meet your needs can be established.

Next, we will help you with the transfers or rollovers of your existing accounts.  We will help you do it all.  We will recommend how and where to place your investments.  We will populate your forms, you review and sign them, and we will forward them to their appropriate parties.  We will do the follow up necessary to make sure everything ends up in its proper home.

Please contact Doleman Wealth Management, LLC, for more details.

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