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Customized Services

Four different customized services to choose from.  Each will address your financial concerns.

Investment Solutions

1. Assets Under Management

We do it all for you.  The management and/or supervision of your portfolio is closely watched and analyzed each quarter.  You will receive annual personalized financial plan and investment profile statements.  You will have the opportunity to meet with us quarterly to review the performance of your portfolio compared to benchmarks and universes that make up a portfolio similar to yours.  Recommendations may be made quarterly based on several analytical tools that are appropriate for your portfolio and the current economic environment.  We will recommend a selection of different investment strategies offered to meet your risk level, goals, and objectives.


Diversify your Investments

2. Consulting and Advisement Services

You manage your own accounts and meet as needed with me to review performance and update recommendations of your portfolio.  We will look at past, current, and near future market conditions.  There will be time spent answering your questions and educating you about your investment decisions.

"People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan." - John J. Beckley

Planning for the Future

3. Financial and Retirement Income Plans

Whether you are in the wealth accumulation or retirement income phase of your life, your plan will address critical financial questions to help secure your future and help meet your financial goals.  What is the exact date you can retire?  Will you outlive your money?  Which retirement account should you start spending from first?  Do you have a Legacy plan? A lifetime, year-by-year analysis of your flow of investments, income, and spending will be provided.  This plan takes into account inflation, the time value of money, taxes before and after retirement, and taxes specific to account types.  A capital needs analysis is also done to see if you are properly insured. Do you have too much insurance, or not enough?

Customizing your Plan

4. Investment Profile Statement 

This is the first step in any financial plan or investment decision.  Find out where you should be placing your extra money or investments.  A detailed report of your appropriate investment profile will be developed based on your risk, goals and objectives.  It will include recommendations for account types and asset allocation.


We offer a flexible fee schedule* and make several different options* available to you.  Our business practice focuses on both hourly and fee-based investment consulting, financial and retirement income planning and investment management services.  Through our free* educational seminars We also enjoy educating the general public on retirement and financial planning.

Please contact Doleman Wealth Management, LLC for more details.

*For a complete schedule of fees and services refer to Portside Wealth Group, LLC's CRS and Firm Brochure , Concorde Investment Services, LLC CRS.  Additional information about Portside Wealth Group, LLC is also available on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s website at

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Please note, diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market. It is a method used to help manage investment risk.